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News : University of Turku Ranked in the Best Global Universities Rankings

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The Best Global Universities Ranking is published by the U.S. News & World Report. The University of Turku was ranked globally as 322nd. 

The University of Turku has been ranked as 322nd in the recently published 2021 Best Global Universities Rankings by the U.S. News & World Report. The University of Turku was ranked as 138th among European universities and as third among the ranked Finnish universities. Altogether 1,500 universities from 80 countries were covered in the ranking.

Eight Finnish universities made it to the list. As for the Finnish universities, the University of Turku was ranked third after the University of Helsinki (ranked 86th) and Aalto University (ranked 264th).

Globally, the three best universities in the ranking were Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.  According to the ranking, Europe’s top three universities were University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and University of College London.

Subject-specific Rankings of the University of Turku

#222 Arts and Humanities
#252 Biology and Biochemistry
#185 Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
#250 Cell Biology
#228 Clinical Medicine
#351 Computer Science
#75 Endocrinology and Metabolism
#254 Environment/Ecology
#209 Immunology
#189 Molecular Biology and Genetics
#263 Neuroscience and Behavior
#637 Physics
#169 Plant and Animal Science
#134 Psychiatry/Psychology
#184 Public, Environmental and Occupational Health
#213 Social Sciences and Public Health
#114 Space Science

More information:

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