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News : University of Turku Implements Traffic Light Model for Coronavirus Situation – Red Light Stage Currently in Force

Kuvituskuva kasvomaskista


The University of Turku has implemented a traffic light model for the coronavirus situation that defines the level of safety measures at the University. The red light stage is in force until 15 January 2021.

The three colours of the traffic light model (red, yellow, green) define the level of the University’s restrictions and instructions related to the coronavirus situation. The red light signals strict restrictions, yellow light increased restrictions, and green moderate restrictions.

The University management defines which stage is in force. Instructions and restrictions on the University’s operations have been defined in advance for each stage. The instructions apply to, for example, studying, working, and using the facilities.  

The management of the University of Turku decided on 14 December 2020 that the University is on the red light stage of the model. The red light stage is in force until 15 January 2021. The University management decides on the possible extension of the red light stage in January according to the situation which is hand at that time.

The University’s decision on the red light stage means, for example, that the use of the University’s facilities is restricted. Work and studies are conducted mainly remotely. Masks have to be used in all the University’s facilities.

– We are following the development of the coronavirus situation and the authorities’ instructions closely. The University’s instructions can be updated and relaxed quickly to the yellow stage if the situation allows it at the beginning of the year, for instance. For the time being, we are at the red light stage, meaning strict restrictions. In order to manage the coronavirus situation, it is essential that every one of us follows these joint rules, says Rector Jukka Kola.

The key changes to the University’s coronavirus instructions on the basis of the different stages of the traffic light model have been described on the University’s website. The purpose of the model is to demonstrate the level of safety measures and to make moving from one stage to another more seamless when the situations so demands.

> The University’s traffic light model for the coronavirus situation
> The instructions that are currently in force are available on the page Information on Coronavirus

Please send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to koronainfo@utu.fi.

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