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News : Universities Preparing to Organise Entrance Examinations on Campuses

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Applicants will be informed of how the entrance examinations will be carried out by 16 March.

Universities have continued to prepare student admissions for 2021, taking into account the current coronavirus situation. The aim is to organise the spring and summer entrance examinations on campuses or other physical facilities. The tests are supervised and follow strict safety arrangements.

Universities have also decided that no changes will be made to the selection criteria. This means that the quotas for students selected based on diplomas and entrance exams will remain unchanged regardless of the progression of corona.

Although the aim is to organise the exams on campuses and other physical facilities, universities are also prepared in case the corona situation becomes significantly worse and orders from authorities prevent organising the entrance exams in physical locations.

– Unfortunately, the pandemic situation keeps changing and we cannot know for certain what the situation will be in May and June when the examinations are held. We have good practices for ensuring health and safety from last spring’s entrance exams as well as from the autumn application round to the universities of applied sciences. We are now drawing from these experiences while planning the examinations. We recognize the great societal significance of entrance exams and are doing everything we can to ensure their execution in the best possible way, says Piia Björn, the Vice Rector responsible for education of the University of Turku.

Applicants will be informed how the exams will be carried out before the start of the application period, by 16 March 2021 at the latest.

– Applicants can rest assured that they will be informed, by mid-March at the latest, of all the information relevant to the application process: How students are selected for different degree programmes and how the pandemic may affect the organisation of entrance examinations. The preparations carefully consider the safety of student admissions and the legal protection of applicants, says Petri Suomala, the Chair of the Unifi meetings for vice presidents for education.

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